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Trial Skills

Jesse Wilson, CEO of Tell the Winning Story, Discusses the Powerful Secret to Breakthrough Communication

A graduate of The Juilliard School with a 20-year career in TV, film, and theater, Jesse Wilson, speaking coach, trial skills consultant, and CEO is an expert communicator. Whether it’s on stage or in the courtroom, the entrepreneur, author, and founder of Tell the Winning Story knows how to captivate, engage, move, and motivate an audience. […]

Trial Skills Consultant & Tell the Winning Story CEO Jesse Wilson Explains 3 Lessons Leaders Can Learn from the World of Theatre

The words courtroom and drama have much more in common than their frequent co-occurrence in TV guides. In fact, lawyers, businesspeople, and other leaders can learn quite a bit from the world of theatre. Trial skills, advocacy consultant and communications coach Jesse Wilson explains three key theatrical tactics leaders can utilize for a more powerful presence. 3 Key […]