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Trial skills: there is no time to present like the present. Jesse Wilson is the mastermind behind “Tell The Winning Story” his program to develop trial skills and trial advocacy. He is a one-man wonder of innovation. Taking his extensive background in theatre, and lending it to trial advocacy is a great public service.

jesse wilson trial skillsTrial Skills is an art form. Jesse Wilson has lent his artistic expressions to the legal profession. The origin of “Tell The Winning Story” began with his helping inmates behind bars to reconstruct their lives and discover who they were… and need now to become to help break the “cycle of violence.” Wilson used the medium of acting to engage the inmates and invigorate their lives to honor the lives of so many that they have painfully affected in their actions. Spending a great deal of his time now working with “victims” in cases, Jesse Wilson prepares attorneys to be masterful in the courtroom to help them become more powerful “voices for the voiceless”— their clients.

Jesse Wilson and his trial skills are generally geared toward witness and client preparation. “Tell The Winning Story” is a program that Jesse Wilson employees to teach trial skills. It’s a hands-on communication and presentation training for trial lawyers.

Jesse Wilson maintains that trial skills must be learned. Breaking through the barriers of attorney issues with public speaking and communication is key. He has co-created the 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication CLE video series, which is the foundational element of “Tell The Winning Story”. Jesse Wilson and his trial skills include helping attorneys understand how to powerfully connect to a story by owning their own story.

This is an innovative approach to powerful storytelling because many think that you can only acquire trial skills from a fellow attorney. What’s important to know is that the juries are not comprised of trial attorneys. Jesse Wilson is a factor from outside the legal profession. However, he brings expertise to the trial attorneys by helping them to develop their trial skills. This is a worthwhile endeavor because developing trial skills cannot be done at the moment of trial. There is preparation involved in the training. This is where Jesse Wilson finds his passion.

Understanding how theatrical experience can be beneficial to other arenas such as the law is an astounding concept. A visionary like Jesse Wilson has taken an astounding concept and made it a worthwhile reality. These trial attorneys leave the trial skills workshop experience better prepared to be effective in the courtroom.

There is no coincidence that TV and film legal dramas are as popular as they are. People get caught up in a great story. When that story is true, it makes it even more compelling. Jesse Wilson and his trial advocacy and consultation with attorneys has yielded much success. He has many favorable verdicts on his resume. His jury trial consultation services have netted millions for the clients of the participants in his workshops. Helping trial attorneys be effective in their role adds a new twist to collaborative effort. This merging of talent has been successful for all involved. The more truth in court, the better!

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