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Trusted Windows (PC) download ColorNavigator Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get ColorNavigator alternative downloads. Download ColorNavigator Software. The latest versions of ColorNavigator 6 as well as older versions like ColorNavigator 6.4.7 and ColorNavigator 5.4 that support Mac OS 9.2.2, X 10.2 – 10.6.8 and Windows XP/Vista and also older ColorEdge monitors are available for download. PDF Usage Guide. EIZO have re-designed their direct hardware calibration software from the ground up with their new Eizo ColorNavigator Version 7. Changes from version 6 are significant (we have a guide to version 6 here if you're still using that!). The new ColorNavigator Version 7 really combines both their previous calibration software versions - ColorNavigator NX (used mainly in the video world). (Windows 7) Windows 7 allows users to select User Access Control (UAC) levels. To enable to synchronization users must (a) set UAC to the lowest setting or, (b) right-click on the ColorMunki icon when starting the application and select Run as Administrator. UAC (Vista and Windows 7. Colour management software for creative minds. ColorNavigator 7 is the latest calibration and quality control software for colour management monitors in the ColorEdge series. It combines all the features found in previous versions – such as ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX – and offers further-developed and improved solutions for creative minds who work in a wide variety of different.

ColorNavigator6 and ColorNavigator7 are currently NOT compatible with macOS 11 BigSur. Please do not update until the BigSur compatible version is released.

We are currently working hard on building the software update. Target release: end of 2020.

Please email us if you would like to be notified when the release is imminent.

In summary - Mac OS 10.15 Catalina has been programmed to work with 64-bit systems only.

Earlier ColorEdge models - while still running strong - can only be calibrated with ColorNavigator 6 (a 32-bit programme).

The below software are 32-bit applications, which are not supported by macOS Catalina:

  • ColorNavigator 6
  • ColorNavigator NX

Colornavigator 6

Advice: Upgrade to ColorNavigator 7

IMPORTANT - check that your monitor is compatible with CN7 before upgrading ... see list below

If your monitor is not in the below list, it is recommended to upgrade to ColorNavigator 7.0.7, the latest software that combines features of ColorNavigator 6 and NX

The below monitors are only compatible with ColorNavigator 6 and NX and are not supported by macOS Catalina. If your model is listed here, please refrain from updating the OS or change to a model that supports ColorNavigator 7 (see loyalty discount offer below, and a list of supported monitors here )

21.3'CG210, CG211
22'CG220, CG221, CG222W, CG223W
24.1'CG241W, CG242W, CG243W
29.8'CG301W, CG303W

The below sensors operate with a 32-bit driver and are not supported by macOS Catalina. Please refrain from updating the OS or change to a newer model.

Option 1 - Do not upgrade, if you can avoid it


If you would like to continue using ColorNavigator 6 or NX to hardware calibrate your monitor, please do not update to Catalina or BigSur. We do understand that this is not an option for some of you, so read on.

Option 2 - Upgrade to a new EIZO ColorEdge CG (all CG come with a handy built-in sensor)

Take advantage of our loyalty discount offer to purchase a new ColorEdgen CG range monitor. This is available to territories covered by EIZO APAC - Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar.

If you would like to update to a ColorEdge CG range monitor and take advantage of a 10% loyalty discount off any authorized reseller's price, or to find out which ex-demo units are available, please contact us via this online form.


Option 3 - Purchase basICColor Display 6

BasICColor is the next best thing to ColorNavigator. This monitor calibration software works with all ColorEdge models, no matter the age. Like ColorNavigator, BasICColor is a hardware calibration software - this means it calibrates the monitor's RGB properties directly (rather than adjusting the video card signal being transmitted from your computer, which can be described as 'lossy').
There is a 14-day trial version available, or you can simply go ahead and order it (it was 69 euros at last check).

Further details needed?

a) Contact the reseller from whom you purchased your EIZO for clarification.

Colornavigator 7 Manual

b) Contact us at EIZO

If you use one of the below listed ColorEdge monitors, you may choose to calibrate your EIZO on another computer, then plug it back in to your Mac.

Older ColorEdge models can only be calibrated with ColorNavigator 6 (list below).

ColorNavigator 6 does not work with Mac OS Catalina 10.15 - it is 64-bit compatible only.

21.3'CG210, CG211
22'CG220, CG221, CG222W, CG223W
24.1'CG241W, CG242W, CG243W
29.8'CG301W, CG303W

Colornavigator 7 Download

If you use one of the above listed ColorEdge monitors, you may like to use another computer (OS must be compatible with ColorNavigator 6) to calibrate your EIZO, then plug the calibrated monitor back into your Catalina Mac. If you decide to take this option, please make sure of the following:


Colornavigator 7 Download Mac Iso

  • You should be armed with your calibration settings, a USB stick, relevant cables (read (b) below), and both computers.
  • When you connect your monitor to the computer you will use for the calibration: The SAME SIGNAL INPUT PORT on the monitor side must be used. Eg, if you are plugging into the Monitor's DisplayPort socket with your Catalina Mac, you must do same with whichever computer you will be running the calibration on. It doesn't matter from the computer end, it does matter at the monitor end. The calibration is always partitioned to that signal input section of the monitor's logic chip.
  • During a monitor calibration, an ICC profile (called a monitor profile) is created automatically in the background, and saved to your system folder. This profile describes the monitor's colour and brightness personality. Software such as Adobe Photoshop will refer to this profile to understand more about how you have set up your monitor, and how it is translating and displaying the RGB colour numbers. This all happens at OS level - no human intervention required. Because of this.... When you have finished calibrating your ColorEdge on 'other computer', you must make a copy of the monitor ICC Profile & copy it into your Catalina Mac's ColorSync folder, then select it to activate it.
  • Here's where the monitor ICC profile will be found in a WIN PC: C:WindowsSystem32spooldriverscolor
  • Here's where the monitor ICC profile will be found in a MAC: Library/Colorsync/Profiles (at admin level), or Users/<username>/Library/ColorSync/Profiles
  • (Search .icc or .icm if you can't find the folder)
  • After copying the monitor profile over to your Catalina Mac, you must activate the profile. Open your Display Preferences, select Color, then select the profile. If you have more than one monitor connected to your Catalina Mac, make sure you select the right one for the EIZO (the monitor profile name usually includes the monitor's serial number).

Calibration Guides

For ColorNavigator 6 - we recommend you download Dr Les Walkling's video guides. Click on button or screen snip below.

Eizo Colornavigator 7

The Basic Monitor Calibration Video should be enough for most people. You may use the same settings that you used for your CN6 calibrations, or you may prefer to use Dr Les' settings.

For ColorNavigator 7 - please download our PDF. Click on button or screen snip below.