Download Selenium Chromedriver For Mac

This page documents how to start using ChromeDriver for testing your website on desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux).

In windows, it’s quite easy to download and specify the path in the program but in MAC we have to keep all the driver in a specific folder and then Selenium will start the execution directly. First step- Download the drivers for MAC Download link

You can also read Getting Started with Android or Getting Started with ChromeOS


ChromeDriver is a separate executable that Selenium WebDriver uses to control Chrome. It is maintained by the Chromium team with help from WebDriver contributors. If you are unfamiliar with Selenium WebDriver, you should check out the Selenium site.

Follow these steps to setup your tests for running with ChromeDriver:

  • Ensure Chromium/Google Chrome is installed in a recognized location
Chromedriver mac os
  1. Selenium IDE is a Chrome and Firefox plugin which records and plays back user interactions with the browser. Use this to either create simple scripts or assist in exploratory testing. Download latest released version for Chrome or for Firefox or view the Release Notes. Download previous IDE versions here.
  2. Use this article as a step-by-step guide for setting up the Selenium Grid. Download and Configurations. Download Selenium Standalone Server, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox drivers, then configure your Mac machine to run a Safari test. The following steps explain the process: 1. Download Selenium Server.
ChromeDriver expects you to have Chrome installed in the default location for your platform. You can also force ChromeDriver to use a custom location by setting a special capability.
  • Download the ChromeDriver binary for your platform under the downloads section of this site
  • Help WebDriver find the downloaded ChromeDriver executable
Any of these steps should do the trick:
  1. include the ChromeDriver location in your PATH environment variable
  2. (Java only) specify its location via the system property (see sample below)
  3. (Python only) include the path to ChromeDriver when instantiating webdriver.Chrome (see sample below)

Sample test



Controlling ChromeDriver's lifetime

The ChromeDriver class starts the ChromeDriver server process at creation and terminates it when quit is called. This can waste a significant amount of time for large test suites where a ChromeDriver instance is created per test. There are two options to remedy this:

1. Use the ChromeDriverService. This is available for most languages and allows you to start/stop the ChromeDriver server yourself. See here for a Java example (with JUnit 4):


2. Start the ChromeDriver server separately before running your tests, and connect to it using the Remote WebDriver.

Selenium Chromedriver Path


Update Chromedriver Mac

Download Selenium Chromedriver For Mac

Download Selenium Chromedriver