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Server administrators need to balance client capabilities, user interface, and security concerns when choosing the right free FTP software for their business.

It’s no secret that, despite the persistent popularity of file transfer protocol (FTP), the evolution of cybersecurity threats, safety standards, and cloud-based storage systems has changed the file transfer landscape. These elements have fundamentally altered what web developers and server administrators are looking for from FTP software, and clients who haven’t adapted to these needs generally fail to support users’ top priorities: security law compliance and ease of use.

Download FileZilla Client 3.51.0 for Mac OS X. FileZilla FileZilla with manual FileZilla Pro; Standard FTP: Yes: Yes: Yes: FTP over TLS. Sep 11, 2020 FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and while using FTP Mac clients can connect to the server and download files of various formats. To do this, the user needs to know the FTP server address, as well as the data for authorization (login and password). FTPManager is a fully featured FTP client that allows you to access files on FTP servers. Directly access and manage remote files, edit text files. Stream videos and music to your iPhone/iPad. Transfer files between iPhone/iPad and FTP server. FEATURES:. Access FTP (FTP over TLS) server. Access SFTP (SSH) server. Copy, move, rename.

Most internet users won’t need an FTP server to share files with other people, now that cloud-based services are so prevalent and accessible. However, many people still require FTP (or its more secure protocol alternatives, SFTP and FTPS) when carrying out web uploads and large file transfers.

As FTP is still part of the daily lives of many IT folks and even casual web developers, I’ve rounded up and reviewed the best free FTP clients available. For those who don’t need as many administrative functionalities or security measures, a free FTP client is probably equipped to serve the occasional or moderately sized file transfer, and I’ve included a “best-of” list below. However, for many corporations who need more rigorous encryption, better directory and file visibility, and more intensive management capabilities, paying for an FTP server software is a smart investment (and probably saves money in the long run, considering how expensive compliance violation fines and data security breaches can be).

In terms of paid software, I’d suggest SolarWinds® Serv-U®Managed File Transfer for its scalability, range of supported protocols, and comprehensive security controls.

Best Free FTP Clients

1.FTP Voyager

SolarWinds FTP Voyager is an entirely free FTP client Windows users will love. It supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP, meaning it meets the security needs of a wide range of organizations. Further, it enables users to connect to multiple servers simultaneously and conduct several transfers concurrently, an important feature for frequent uploaders that other free FTP programs are lacking.

Because SolarWinds designed FTP Voyager with Windows users in mind, the interface will be familiar to veterans of the operating system. Plus, the split screen gives clear visibility into the state of your directories by placing the local and remote servers side by side and automatically synchronizing folders, enabling direct comparison and drag-and-drop file transfer from the Windows desktop. Perhaps most crucially, it automates file transfer with its full-featured scheduler.

Lastly, if your business scales up and requires more extensive file transfer management, you may decide paid software is the best option for your organization. FTP Voyager integrates seamlessly with SolarWinds upgrades to Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server.

2. Cyberduck

Cyberduck is another free FTP software respected by industry professionals. Luckily, it’s a free FTP client that can also benefit Mac users. The main advantage of Cyberduck is its widespread applicability: it serves Windows and Mac, and it acts as both server software and storage browser, meaning it supports FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV in addition to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Users also value its manual editing capabilities, which allow them to change any text or binary file on the server, and its security specs. Interoperable with its Cryptomator tool, Cyberduck is capable of end-to-end encryption, not only encrypting file and directory names but encrypting file content individually and obfuscating the directory tree.

The major downsides of Cyberduck are its lackluster interface (lacking split-screen server juxtaposition), slow transfer speeds, and donation prompt. Each time the program updates, a banner requesting a donation appears—which can be mildly irritating but isn’t a deal-breaker given the client’s utility. Still, if you’re looking for a program capable of transferring large folders, Cyberduck isn’t your best bet. That said, Cyberduck is a great option for occasional, highly secure file transfers.

3. FileZilla

As many people know, FileZilla is the legacy program on this list and has been the go-to free FTP client for years—which makes it well worthy of consideration. It’s open-source, works across operating systems, supports FTP, SFTP, and FTPS protocols, allows multi-threaded file transfer, includes the drag-and-drop feature, and has an easily navigable graphical UI. Other strengths include its directory comparison and directory bookmark features and its remote file search capability.

So, what’s the problem? FileZilla has been mired in controversy one too many times to be considered totally secure. Back in 2014, SourceForge, the software host from which FileZilla was downloaded, was criticized for bundling adware with its installer file, meaning users unintentionally installed additional software. More recently, FileZilla raised alarms for malware in 2018, leading some institutions to ban its use within their organizations as a safety risk.

FileZilla’s features are both useful and convenient, but users can find them in other programs with a strong history of data security, like SolarWinds FTP Voyager.

Best Premium FTP Clients

Serv-U FTP Server

Another tool from SolarWinds, Serv-U FTP Server enables file transfers from the web and mobile devices, has no trouble with large file transfers, and ensures data is never at rest in DMZ networks with a secure gateway. For both Windows and Linux, the Serv-U FTP Server client supports FTP and FTPS over IPv4 and IPv6 networks, making it a versatile, powerful program.

Beyond transfer specs, Serv-U FTP Server offers a host of compliance and management benefits. First, the Gateway add-on allows users to comply with PCI DSS and other industry regulations. Second, its security goes beyond smudging file directories and encrypting the content—it empowers users to limit concurrent sessions, block IP addresses when sessions time out and define access rights for users and groups. Its other management controls include transfer quota settings and automated file movement and deletion after transfer, functions which keep the directory organized and protect performance.

While the Serv-U FTP Server client is a premium option, it’s fairly inexpensive per server compared to other software and offers a fully functional 14-day free trial.

Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server

For those whose needs exceed the capacity of free tools, Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server is the client I’d recommend above every other. Not only does it have all the features included in SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server, but it builds upon them to provide even more centralized file transfer management, automation, and oversight capabilities.

This managed file transfer (MFT) server program executes transfers supported by FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP/S over IPv4 and IPv6 networks while assisting with compliance demonstration for PSI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, and other regulatory frameworks. This means file transfer is both safe and simple. With ad-hoc peer-to-peer file sharing, users can send or request files large and small from their browsers or their phones.

Serv-U Managed File Transfer Servereasily integrates with existing infrastructure like Active Directory and LDAP servers, so users can sync accounts to simplify authentication and customize limits and permissions by user, group, domain, or server. Further, Serv-U Managed File Transfer provides unparalleled monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track file server startup, configuration, and domain activity logs in the management console. This helps administrators troubleshoot with real-time updates while also creating a thorough record to satisfy internal vetting and external auditing.

Finally, its security measures once again level up with automated processes—sending emails, deleting files, or writing log messages—that take place when triggered by defined events. Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server also offers a two-week free trial with complete functionality.

Modern FTP Clients for Secure File Transfer

Organizations have many options when it comes to FTP clients and the right tool for each will vary with its file transfer, security, and budgetary needs. When choosing the FTP program that suits your organization, keep in mind any trade-offs between command lines and file editing and user interface, as well as any security sacrifices you make for ease of use or cost.

Because of the safety concerns that have plagued some open-sourced tools, it’s important to ensure your organization has powerful data protection and can demonstrate compliance when audited. For organizations with needs beyond simple transfers, a paid software can marry the FTP, management, and monitoring capabilities that free alternatives simply can’t.

Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U Managed File Transfer Serverare two premium offerings with superlative graphics UIs, operability across protocols and operating systems, safe and easy file transfers, and access rights management. I found these two SolarWinds products to offer the best balance of intuitive interface and comprehensive FTP and security functionalities, so, if you’re not sure yet about paying for an FTP client, it’s worthwhile to download the free trial and test the software for fit.


Given the importance of data security, it’s vital that IT administrators manage their Active Directory to have a thorough understanding—and control—of who has access to assets across enterprise networks. This is particularly useful when it comes to centralizing permissions and compliance reporting.

On the data storage note, it’s also good to know how to centralize and secure a database using management system software. This guide will walk you through database types, database management system (DBMS) functions, and a handful of DBMS tools.

FTP server lets you upload files via the file transfer protocol. To do this, you connect it with an FTP client and transfer the data from your local machine to a cloud or any other server. Being said that, there are a lot of freeware FTP servers out there in the market. Almost all of them are lucrative enough to catch your eye, but are they worthy enough to cater to your file transfer needs?

Here in this segment, we share some of the best Free FTP Servers available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that you can download to share files right away. We have kept a lot of technical things in mind while selecting them. So let’s get started.

Best Free FTP Servers

Please note that some of them might ask you to upgrade to a premium version, but it entirely depends on your requirements and the features that you want. You can choose any of these and go ahead with your file transfer quests.

1. FileZilla Server

FileZilla is an open-source server that promises to fulfil all your basic FTP server requirements. It’s even cross-platform, and that makes it popular among developers. You can control an FTP or a local server. Going to the technical part, you can choose the port from which the software listens.

Furthermore, you can even control how many users will connect to your Server at once. It consumes the computer’s resources efficiently as there’s also an option to select how many threads it can utilize. It comes with an intuitive user interface where one side of the screen displays your local file structure, and the other side is reserved for the servers file system. Here, you can even use drag and drop functionality to transfer files.

Fast connection bookmarks for frequent transfers and file updation, secure and simultaneous file transfers, and ability to transfer files over 45GB are some of the notable features that you get on FileZilla. One particular thing that might annoy you while doing your job is fifteen minutes timeout period, which means your connection gets interrupted every 15 mins, and you need to re-establish it again.

It’s entirely secure, and you can even auto-ban any IP address that keeps trying to log in with the wrong credentials. A lockdown feature can be enabled where you can put specific IP’s or a set of IPs to not log in via IP filtering. Unencrypted file transfer can be prevented if you disallow it. Complete user access control to provide read-write access and read-only access to specific users is also achievable.

Get FileZilla Server from here.

2. CompleteFTP

CompleteFTP is a free Windows-only FTP server. It is comparatively easier to get started with CompleteFTP for a beginner as it has built-in step-by-step guides that you can check out and learn different features that come along with this free FTP server software. You will find most of the settings are hidden inside menus, and the GUI is straightforward and easy to use.

Installation is simple, and you can get started in no time. It also supports secure and encrypted file transfer, comes with many customization features. The only con here is the visibility of features as most of them are hidden by default, But the guide comes in handy while you are trying something new.

It installs a trial version of the premium edition of CompleteFTP. After the trial expires, you may choose to upgrade it or run the free version. Details on activating the free version are available on their website. You must definitely try this one out as it provides more features in its free version than any other free FTP server software.

Get CompleteFTP from here.

3. XlightFTP Server

Xlight is another free FTP for a system that operates on Windows. It is light-weight, and you can choose a complete install or go along with a portable version. Similar to CompleteFTP, it also installs as a trial version to its premium subscription. You can always downgrade and run the free version after the 30 days trial ends, but it is only available for personal use.

It is more inclined towards power users and administrators in general. When it comes down to configuration, it can be a bit complicated for a novice. Xlight supports IPV6 and encrypted file transfers, and even remote administration control, though it is only available during the free trial.

Furthermore, you can control the bandwidth of the Server and enforce login limits on any IP address. Apart from this, it allows you to set maximum idle time and kicks anyone out who goes beyond the stated limit.


Many features such as support for LDAP authentication, support for active directory, and enforcing certificate requirements for a client to connect comes only with the premium version. If you feel the need for those extra features, then you can upgrade at any time after the trial expires.

Get XlightFTP Server from here.

4. Cyberduck

It is a free FTP software solution available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Cyberduck packs itself with easy to use interface and more straightforward functionalities. It misses some features that you might need in the future. It is best suited for occasional and quick file transfers, best suited for small and static web presence.

You get quick to connect options to file-sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 along with the remote servers. It also lets you integrate with the text editor of your choice to edit files directly, its a functionality that some popular free FTP serves such as FileZilla and others miss on.

Cyberduck comes with a cryptomator that encrypts all the files that you transfer and also blurs the directory structure, ensuring complete privacy from prying eyes. Here, no one else can make out on which directories were used for the transfer, even if they get their hands on the transfer information. It lacks server administrator tools such as user access and IP control.

Get Cyberduck from here.

5. ProFTPD

Inclined towards only Mac and Linux operating system, ProFTPD is a great option if you want a meaningful GUI instead of scrambling with a regular command-line interface. Do note that gadmin is required for connecting with the Server via ProFTPD. It is best suited for web servers.

Some notable features that go along with this free FTP server are activity logging, hidden directories, and files, IPv6, and module support. You can also use it as a standalone server with add-ons to add more features and maximize efficiency.

If you intend to go ahead with ProFTPD, then you ensure secure file transmission. Beware that it can give a hard time while configuration despite having a GUI.

Mac Ftp Software

Get ProFTPD from here.

Ftp Application For Mac


Free Ftp Software

Free FTP Servers work just as good as the premium ones. If you are just starting out owning a small business and need to take care of uploading files, then you can select any of the FTP Server software from above, and you will be hitting the ground in no time. Do let us know on which Free FTP server software did you choose in the comments section below.