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If you have not downloaded the GMetrix SMS, see the steplist entitled 'How To Download The GMetrix SMS.' Eliminate distractions every time you settle in to study. If your phone is a constant temptation, turn it off and put it in another room. If possible, find a quiet place where you can be alone. GMetrix SMS V6 or later for Windows/GMetrix SMSe for Mac OS; Full Installation of After Effect CC 2018 or Newer; High-speed Internet connection; Prior coursework or experience with Adobe 2018 recommended; Certification. The ACA CC 2018 practice test products map directly to the After Effects CC 2018 certification exam objectives.

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  2. Teachers and instructors are often the guiding hand students rely on through the GMetrix process. We want to make this process smooth. To do this, our administrator panel allows you to access student practice test results, view objective breakdowns, track course progress, create custom tests, and more.

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Author: GMetrix Website: How To Use GMetrix MOS Practice Tests Effectively

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This steplist is for students who are preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification exam. It assumes you are enrolled (or have completed) a training program or are learning the software through self-study. 00:00:00
Using practice tests is an extremely effective learning technique. In a study found here: researchers concluded that 'Retrieval practice (or testing) is another powerful and general strategy for learning: If students practice retrieving information, they can keep it in an accessible state (at their mental fingertips, as it were) and can then retrieve and use the information both for answering direct questions and for transferring the knowledge to related situations.' 00:00:00
To use GMetrix practice tests, you need the GMetrix SMS software. If you have not downloaded the GMetrix SMS, see the steplist entitled 'How To Download The GMetrix SMS.' 00:00:00
Eliminate distractions every time you settle in to study. If your phone is a constant temptation, turn it off and put it in another room. If possible, find a quiet place where you can be alone. 00:00:00
Establish a baseline: take the GMetrix practice test for the application on which you are working. Don't stress about your first try. The purpose of it is to determine the gaps in your knowledge and establish your current level of mastery. 00:00:00
To see the questions you missed, log into your student panel at From here you can view the details of your previously completed tests. The official MOS certification exam is graded on a scale of 1-1000. Passing scores vary for each particular version of the test. They are based on the number of questions and level of difficulty. GMetrix practice tests are graded the same way - passing scores vary from test to test. However, each test covers all the objectives. GMetrix MOS practice tests are designed to be slightly more challenging than the actual certification test. From your student panel, you can see the passing score for each test you have previously submitted and also view the questions you missed. 00:00:00
Make a list of your missed questions. These skills are the ones you need to spend the most time on. You will spend less time reinforcing the skills you have already learned. 00:00:00
Start with the first skill on your 'missed questions' list. In your course training materials, find the section that covers this skill. Review the instructions and practice it until you are proficient. Remember, you need to be able to accomplish the task quickly. The Microsoft Office Certification exam is a timed test. You need to be able to complete each skill without hesitation to complete the exam. For most tasks in Microsoft applications, there are several ways to accomplish it and your usual method may not be the fastest. To eliminate hesitation, practice the task until it becomes second nature. 00:00:00
In addition to systematically learning how to complete each skill on your 'missed questions' list, you need to review and reinforce each after studying it. Review each completed skill within seven days. Continual reinforcement will result in complete mastery of the skill. 00:00:00
During prolonged study sessions, take frequent short breaks when you feel your concentration waning. Your brain has a limited attention span. Studies show that focus is improved when the brain is allowed to concentrate on something else for a few minutes. Without short breaks, your ability to concentrate may diminish and your efforts will gradually become less effective. 00:00:00
During the course of your studying, take a GMetrix practice exam every couple of days to gauge your progress. Test taking is not simply a tool for determining skill level, it is also an effective learning method because it forces the brain to access and process information under different circumstances, improving retention. 00:00:00
Practice staying calm during the test. Being able to stay relaxed during the actual exam is another 'skill' to master during your test prep. Visualization exercises and focused breathing are helpful for some students. 00:00:00
When you consistently pass GMetrix practice exams, you are ready to register for the actual Microsoft Office Specialist examination. Good luck! For more information about GMetrix Microsoft Office Specialist practice tests, visit 00:00:00

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