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Snapshot Filters Or Effects

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Raining Effect

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If you are one of those people that enjoys to look at the rain running down the window pane on a stormy day, then the Raining Webcam Effect is the perfect thing for you. This effect works best when using it as a short captured video clip, so send your friends a rainy day snapshot even in the peak of summer.

Snowing Effect

If you are looking to create a nice christmassy winter snapshot then you can not go far wrong with this Snowing Webcam effect. This effect will add a sprinkle of snowflakes to your webcam display.

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Green Screen Special Effects Download

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Heat Map Effect

The Heat Map effect will give your webcam the illusion of Predator style heat vision.

Ascii Filter Effect

The ascii filter will convert your webcam pixel stream into a mixture of letters and numbers, giving you a very matrix style effect.

RGB Splitter Filter

The RGB splitter filter separates your three colour channels (red, green and blue) and offsets them from each other slightly returning a unique effect.

Fly Vision Filter

As the name suggests, the fly vision filter will allow you to experience the sight of a fly by grid sectioning your webcam display.

Split Screen Filter

This simple filter will split one half of your webcam display and overlay it mirrored on the other half.

Special Quad Screen Filter

This filter will split your webcam stream into four and mirror it on the vertical and horizontal axis.

Invert Filter Green screen effects online, free

The invert filter inverts each webcam pixel colour into it exact inverted opposite colour, for example: white pixels become black and black pixels become white.

Pixelated Effect

The pixelated filter takes your High Definition webcam stream of many pixels and Squooshes them all onto much fewer pixels. Think the complete opposite of CSI Zoom Enhance.

Blur Filter

The blur filter is great for taking your crisp, crystal clear HD webcam stream and making you think that you really need to buy some glasses or upgrade the pair you already have. This effect is not for everyone, but it is a timeless classic, so it was added anyway.

TV Glitch Effect

For those of us old enough to remember analogue TV, this effect will basically give your webcam a bad reception, but don't adjust your aerial/antenna... or look for one, that'd be pure madness.

Night Vision Filter

Unfortunately this night vision filter will not turn your webcam into an actual night vision camera, however it well do the next best thing and make your webcam display look like a night vision display. That's almost as good, right ? ..... right ?... hello ?

Sepia Filter

The Sepia filter is another classic and classy filter for creating an oldie, antique western style photograph.

There are still many more to come, so keep checking back with us :)