Popcorn Time Download Mac 2015

Download Popcorn Time for Windows PC, Popcorn Time is the most popular free movie app, Watch movies & TV shows in full-HD, for free! Download Popcorn Time for Mac, Popcorn Time is the most popular free movie app, Watch movies & TV shows in full-HD, for free!


Popcorn Time is the most secure app to watch new movies & TV shows with subtitles instantly on HD, for free. It is accessible for Windows, Linux & macOS. It is getting popular all over the world.

Time to Popcorn! Is it the product of many developers & designers putting together a bunch of APIs to let movies as straightforward as possible? A new & improved Popcorn Time lets you watch free online movies & TV shows in SD or HD with subtitles. It has become famous at the time.

Features of Popcorn Time

  • Great movies

It offers awesome movies free of cost.

  • No restrictions

See any film at any time as you like. All you need to stay connected to the internet.

  • Awesome catalog

If the film is out there, Popcorn Time should find the best possible aspect, and immediately start streaming it.

  • The best quality

It always tries to display your video immediately with subtitles & in HD.

  • Recent Improvements

You could now drag & drop subtitles (.srt files) to load them onto the player. It means that you can now drag & drop an external torrent & watch it on Popcorn Time with optional subtitles.

There is also an option of adding “watched” symbol to an episode that you have played last time, & now adding the ability to set a video manually when watched, so you can quickly update your progress.

An eye icon demonstrating whether a video watched with Eye icon indicating how well a video is viewed & the power users not overlooked. It’s been a concern since we took over most of the project & you have the choice with Popcorn Time beta 3.1, to hold the downloaded files after you left Popcorn Time.

  • Advanced settings

Once you watch it, there is no exchange of files over P2P. But stay, it’s not over: general efficiency gets enhanced; the range of subtitles gets expanded, new languages (Hello Croatians, Thais & Vietnamese, please get some popcorn!) and Look at the bottom of an article for a relatively exhaustive changelog.

  • No restrictions

You can stream movies and television shows whenever you wish. What you need is an online link to get to using Popcorn Time.

  • Saving time

For the purpose that Popcorn time can play their favorite series & movies for you, consumers need not wait for the update.

  • Best Standards

For subtitles, users can immediately watch TV shows & movies in HD.

Importance of Popcorn Time Interface

The Windows version of Popcorn Time software is remarkably similar. For the show or movie, you would like to watch & stream it on your phone; the system takes the .torrent file. Therefore, when you use the app, it’s the most excellent idea to have a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes the video file can end up saving on your gadget, so cleaning the temporary folder is the best idea.

Popcorn Time Gui is sleek and intuitive. You can quickly access any one of the new releases available for download on the first show of the program, and you can use series collection or the search engine only by tapping on the computer.

Could Multiple Gadgets use Popcorn Time

The answer to this is yes, & on pretty much everything you can use it. The developers are quite young, & they have shown interest in making PT compatible across lots of devices, as well as with almost all the programs.

Windows users will have no problem as long as Windows 7 is used. And they can install the Beta version when it applies to Mac users, so enjoy all the material they want.

Installing Popcorn time on Android Phone

1. Access Popcorn Time applications .apk file from this link https:/showboxvpn.com/.

2. Allow access from unverified sources. Settings > Protection > Sources unknown and test the mark.

3. Now access the .apk files from your destination and press the Install button.

How to Download iOS Popcorn Time

Few steps to follow in order to download it on ios

Stage 1. Start to Click The browser Download Now.

Stage 2. Tap Select “would like to select Panda Helper” on message request.

Stage 3. Start. The iOS app Icon PandaHelper will occur on your home screen.

Stage 4. Navigate to General Device Management Settings.

Stage 5. Find and have faith in the recently installed Enterprise App Certificate.

Stage 6. Open the app & install the profile 2nd fresh.

Stage 7. In the PandaHelper app, check for Popcorn Time.

Stage 8. Download the iOS app for Popcorn Time.

Have to be alert

It’s effortless to use, but this is a lot like every other torrent program behind the scenes that downloads & redistributes movie files by exchanging peer-to-peer. It is dangerous to use Popcorn Time without masking the behavior over a virtual private network because film producers had a long history of tracking peer-to-peer networks & suing individual file-sharers. The case over the Cobbler tends to be the first instance of targeting Popcorn Time users.

Whether Popcorn time is legal?

Popcorn Time creators claim that the Popcorn time app itself is not illegal— and film industry efforts to scrub it out have gone nowhere — but that doing this to watch copyrighted films will run away from rule. The Cobbler’s developers also turned those disclaimers against the defendants, stating that users are issued “daily warnings that they are downloading & installing software for the sole purpose of committing theft & contributing to others ‘ ability to commit theft” via torrent networks.


Popcorn Time is a free program that functions as a kind of pirate Netflix for Mac, Windows, Linux, and ios. Users get a stunning, ad-free app to view movies and television shows — including the latest stuff — and with just one click can watch them on request. It provides great fun to the viewers. Thus, it is best for your phone.

Popcorn Time is an app that is used widely by users due to its friendly interface. It runs on various platforms easily and can be downloaded without any difficulty. Users can watch their favorite movies free of cost. Thus, it is the best app to run movies.

Download Popcorn Time all devices

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Popcorn Time APK

Download the Latest Version of Popcorn Time APK file here. Popcorn Time is an App that allows you to Stream Free HD Movies and TV Shows. It’s as Simple as Picking out a Movie or Episode, Selecting the Streaming Quality and Subtitles, and Clicking Play!

If you have Mac, you can Simply Download Popcorn Time for Mac, however for Android the case is different. You need Popcorn Time Apk to watch free movies on your smartphone in your hand. Streaming movies and TV shows seamlessly on your smartphone, this app guarantees entertainment non-stop like no one. Point to note- this app is not in sync with the Play Store, however it offers services similar to one.

Smartphones these days have become an unavoidable aspect of human lives. To put it more boldly, our lives are attached to smartphones. Hence, doing things on smartphones can basically be divided into- work and pleasure. When we talk about pleasure and entertainment, there can be no other substitute to this other than movies.

How to Download Popcorn Time APK?

Downloading Popcorn Time app is easy and less complicated. All you need to do is follow the instructions and need Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Older. Following is the run-down of the steps how to download this amazing Popcorn Time App in your device.

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Enable ‘Unknown Sources’.
  2. Click and Open the Browser and Download Popcorn Time APK for Android
  3. Install the Downloaded File.

Now after it is installed, Sit Back, Relax and Make Sure to get a Bowl of Popcorn to Enjoy Movies to the Fullest.


  1. Go to Settings > App Manager > Install Programs > Enable ‘Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed’
  2. Open your browser and download the Popcorn Time .APK here:
  3. Install the Downloaded File from Here: Download Now

how to install on Amazon Kindle Fire, HD, HDX, Fire Tablets

  1. Go to Settings > Applications > Enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’
  2. Open your Browser and Download the Popcorn Time APK here: Download Now
  3. Install the downloaded file.

HOW TO INSTALL ON Amazon Fire Phone

Popcorn Time Download Free Movies For Mac

  1. Go to Settings > Applications & Parental Controls > Enable ‘Allow non-Amazon app installation’
  2. Open your browser and download the Popcorn Time APK here: Download Now
  3. Install the downloaded file.

Amazon Fire TV

Quicktime download

The process is a little more detailed than other Android Based Devices. Please Check the Tutorial Here and Install the Popcorn Time APK File Found on this site. The application requires an external source (USB mouse or remote-less app) to navigate the menus.

Pro APKs

Download Popcorn Time For Pc

Popcorn Time APK

Popcorn Time Mac App