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The new QuickTime Player not only delivers crisp quality, but the app is easy to use with a simple interface. Obviously, according to Microsoft official website, we can easily find that the New QuickTime Player is compatible with Windows 10. QuickTime Player for Windows 10 Features: QuickTime Player Free & Safe Download! QuickTime Player Latest. To install QuickTime on a Mac you should download the newest version of QuickTime Download (which at the time of writing is QuickTime Player 7 Version 7.6.6). Once the file has downloaded all you need to do is double click on the file which will be called, QuickTimePlayer7.6.6SnowLeopard' and QuickTime will be automatically installed.

  • Download the latest version of QuickTime Player for Mac - For Mac OS X 10.6.3 Snow Leopard users only. Read 163 user reviews of QuickTime Player on MacUpdate.
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QuickTime and the relate codecs are one of the finest ways to confirm that each and every format is played using this player and this is what the developers of this codec also want. The QuickTime player sometimes encounters the errors that the player cannot play a specific format and the codecs are require. This tutorial has been written to ensure that the user not only gets the download links but also gets the work done as soon as possible. The codecs mentioned can also be regarded as additional functionality that would make the Quicktime playback smooth and will also get the best outcome in this regard. Besides, you can use a video converter to convert codecs to QuickTime the compatible format.


Top 5 QuickTime codecs

Below are the top 5 codecs that a user needs to install to ensure that the functionality is embedded within the program. It also makes sure that the download URL that has been mentioned is the one that leads the users to the official as well as the other renowned sites so that the codec download is easy to follow and to check that the user gets the results in line with the requirements. The codecs are not only easy to install but most of them are placed directly to the root file of the program which eliminates the issues without even notifying the user. This phenomenon is highly appreciated by the developers as it make a user’s bond strong with the company, due to the fact that the program and all the features are played without any issue and trouble.

The codecs that are mentioned here are the ones that are the paramount and they have already been tested to certify that the user gets the unsurpassed and the state of the results. The list that has been mentioned is also the one that allows the users to take care that the process is also followed and the downloading as well as the installation of the codec is easy to follow as well. Codecs that are mentioned here are the ones that check that the user gets the results in relation to the movie playing as well as the overall tools that are required are also made available.

1. CEA-608 caption

Download Link - Official
Download Link 3

The CEA 608 or just the CC codec is the means to ensure that the user gets the preeminent and the most advanced codec for the download as well as viewing the captions and the subtitles. The user needs to certify that the codecs and the components that are needed to make the things work are also installed and are also deemed to be fit. The user needs to confirm that the process of doing this is followed by following the URL that has been mentioned above as this will also check that the user is never left in despair and gets the things done within no time at all.

2. DIVX codec

Download Link - Official
Download Link 2
Download Link 3

In order to take care that the DIVX files are played with ease and satisfaction it is the codec that is to be installed to make certain that the user gets the results. It will also ensure that playing the DIVX files is not a match at all and the overall effectiveness of the player is also maintained. the user should also confirm that the codec is installed and the user gets the best when the URL’s that have been mentioned above are used to get the work done in style and class. Above all the DIVX organization itself is a company that definitely requires no introduction at all.

3. XVID codec

Download Link - Official
Download Link 2

To ensure that the XVID codec is installed and the related files are played with ease and satisfaction this codec is also to be downloaded. The user should also check that the tools and the related components are also used to confirm that the user gets the work done which is definitely related to the playing of the XVID files which normally QuickTime does not play if the codec has not been installed.


4. ZyGo

Download Link - Official
Download Link 2

For QuickTime playback and the other related components the ZyGo gets the work done within no time at all. The user should also check that the official website and the links that have been provided here are used to make certain that the work is done without any issue and the component is also installed with quality and class. It will also confirm that the user gets the work done without any issue and problem.

5. Streambox


Download Link - Official: http://www.streambox.com/products/quicktime_main.html
Download Link 2: http://www.streambox.com/downloads
Download Link 3: http://www.macworld.com/article/1003454/streambox.html

To certify that the multiple codecs are embedded within a single pack and then used within the QuickTime to take care that the process has been developed this codec has been developed. The user makes sure that the process that has been mentioned at the official URL is followed to make certain that the user gets the greatest results and also gets the work done without any hassle.

Quicktime For Mac Os

For some users finding and implementing the QuickTime codecs one by one might be a sheer daunting task and it is advised to take care that the URL is to be followed to certify that the user gets the outcome to check that the processes are not only followed but the user also gets the work done without any hassle and problem. The screenshot of the webpage is as follows:


The codecs that have been mentioned above are very important for the users as they would allow the user to get the full fledge functionality of the player without any issue and trouble. These codecs have been developed to get the best out of the QuickTime Software and installing these will also enhance the capability of the user to play the files with ease and satisfaction. From a single codec installation these codecs sometimes also install multiple files to the system that would resolve the issues clandestinely making a user satisfied and resolving the issues that are normally faced in relation to QuickTime playback.

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Video players are a dime a dozen. Their main use is to project your media on your PC and laptops. And Apple took advantage of such function to develop a video player that would stand out. Quicktime is a default program on Mac computers that plays and edits your home videos, movies, and slideshows. The software boasts more features than paid applications and is a worthwhile consideration.

Limited power

As Apple’s built-in player for macOS devices, Quicktime is compatible with DLC purchased from iTunes and Apple TV. Using H.264, you can expect your videos, movies, and series to appear crisp and clear. The compression technology saves bandwidth and storage from getting drained. Yet, despite its support from its base device, Quicktime has the least number of video and audio format compatibility than other players. Files like MOV, M4V, and MP4 are considered optimal formats, while other MPEG-4, MPEG-2, DV Stream, and WAV files may need a codec to get the software running. Patience may be needed here since a variety of technical issues pop up occasionally.


A cut above the rest

Apple makes up for the software limitation by offering more features than the average video player. You can use it as a video editor: trimming, rotating, splitting, and combining several videos. You can also use the multi-functional program to open image and audio files, and easily create slideshow presentations, home movies, and projects. Another popular feature is screen recording.Definitely useful, it lets you record demos on your screen instead of purchasing another application to do so. From there, your recently created projects can be directly uploaded to your social media accounts and video sharing platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook to debut for all to see.

End of the road

Quicktime has been a fantastic media player for years. When it first launched in 2009, many users made Quicktime the first go-to option. It was easy to access and use. It boasted many features so you wouldn’t have to spend a dime on editing and recording. Unfortunately, it is now officially a macOS exclusive software, limiting access to some users. For those with Windows, you can still download Quicktime 7 but Apple will no longer be supporting or updating the program. All of this means that you can expect multiple bugs to show up, for which it is recommended to install cybersecurity software to protect yourself from the app’s vulnerability.

Where can you run this program?


Just because the program has parted ways with Windows doesn’t mean you have to too. You can still use Quicktime 7.7.9 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer. You can also use it on a Mac OS X v10.5.

Is there a better alternative?

Multimedia players that double up as a video editor are still rare. If you want to continue enjoying the benefits of the media player, you may just have to purchase a Mac. Of course, if that's not a feasible option, consider other options like VLC for Windows.

VLC for Windows is a free multimedia software created by VideoLAN. The open source software serves as a cross-platform media player on every operating system, desktop, smartphone, and TV out there. Its greatest features include its server and streaming protocols. Stream any available video and audio files, including MKV and FLAC. You can even heighten viewing experience using the subtitle feature. Apart from being a reliable media player, you can trust VLC to make movie nights and TV marathons enjoyable.

Our take

Quicktime could be a great addition to your Windows device. It allows you to create your own playable content, record your screen’s activity, and watch HD videos. However, there are alternatives that are faster and easier to use, especially given that developers follow up with constant updates.

Should you download it?

No. Even if Quicktime 7 can be downloaded, it is safer for you and your PC to download a video player that is currently supported by its developer.

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