Sophos Antivirus For Mac Free Download

  1. Sophos Antivirus free full. download For Mac
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  3. Sophos Antivirus For Mac Free Download

Sophos mac free download - Sophos Home, Sophos Home, WinZip Mac, and many more programs. Free download sophos antivirus. Security tools downloads - Sophos Anti-Virus by Sophos Ltd and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Sophos Home (formerly Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition) is a free for private and non-commercial use and unobtrusive macOS application that provides advanced protection against a wide variety of Mac, as well as Window threats in order to prevent the spread of malware.

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Sophos Antivirus Installation - Recommended Antivirus
(University students & employees only)

Technology Services provides free access to Sophos anti-virus software to help faculty, staff, and students stay protected during online browsing on their personal computer.

Recommendation of this software is based on testing results against known malware, as well as numerous independent company reviews of the software. Sophos has proven multiple times to be highly effective at proactively preventing PCs and Macs from virus infection, and has performed well in many reviews administered by third party testing agencies. We are excited to offer the Sophos Antivirus software available free of charge to Ship students, staff, and faculty for personal and home use.

  • Download Sophos Antivirus for Windows (Windows PC)
  • Download Sophos Antivirus for Mac (Mac OS X)

Other Free Antivirus Products

Sophos Antivirus free full. download For Mac

There are a few free antivirus software products to choose from today including Avira, AVG, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. All of these products provide a level of protection against viruses and other malware. Through our own testing as well as numerous independent agency tests, Avira emerged as the best proactive detection agent of these three products. Please visit the page below for more information.

Let us do it for you!

Norton Antivirus Free Trial

Our Help Desk staff is trained in the installation of Sophos and other anti-virus products. Stop by with your personal laptop or desktop computer and we can provide free installation of anti-virus software, or removal of malware of viruses that may already be infecting your system.

  • Faculty/Staff: Stop by the Faculty/Staff Help Desk in MCT 071 or call (717) 477-HELP.
  • Students: Stop by the Student Help Desk in Ezra Lehman Memorial Library or call (717) 477-HELP.

Sophos Antivirus For Mac Free Download

Contact the Technology Help Desk

WALK-IN LOCATIONSStudent Help Desk: Lehman LibraryFaculty/Staff Help Desk: MCT 071Phone: 717-477-4357Fax: (717) [email protected]