Xcode 7 Download For Mac

Let’s face it not everybody is able to afford an iPhone let alone buy a Mac book and as a student, it is completely out of question. Students perusing application development use laptops that have Microsoft Windows and cannot develop apps for iOS, because of this many students suffer. Apple does not license its operating system to others as Microsoft Windows does. Apple iOS uses programming software called Xcode that is used for developing an application that only works on Apple products.

About Xcode For Windows

Introducing Xcode 12. With an all-new design that looks great on macOS Big Sur, Xcode 12 has customizable font sizes for the navigator, streamlined code completion, and new document tabs. Xcode 12 builds Universal apps by default to support Mac with Apple Silicon, often without changing a. Xcode Download and Install for your computer - either Windows PC 10, 8 or 7 and macOS 10 X, 32/64-bit processor, we have you covered.

Apple iOS uses programming software called Xcode that is used for developing an application that only works on Apple products only. Xcode was released on 20th September 2019 by developer Apple Inc. and helps programmers with application coding. Although you cannot directly use the Xcode programming Software directly on your Microsoft Windows computer there are other ways to use it.

Xcode is a famous software program compatible only with Mac operating system. Xcode is widely used by mac owners to design their desired IOS apps and additionally allows them to publish the top of their app. The Xcode IDE is a plethora of features that are highly useful. Some of the features are:

Xcode Download Mac 10.14

  • It contains an interface builder for creating over the top apps.
  • It also contains an efficient code builder
  • It also has a debugger to overcome every possible bug during the process.

So all in all, Xcode is everything you can ask for if you’re trying to develop IOS apps but Xcode isn’t compatible with any other operating system except MAC.So now let’s discuss some effective ways to run Xcode and develop IOS apps on windows OS.

Renting Cloud Based MACs

Yes, you read it right! Users can rent a MAC on the cloud without any complications. The procedure is hassle-free too, you just need to connect a mac to the cloud on the internet, sign in on that mac and that’s all! You are all set to use Xcode for developing IOS apps on windows.

Although renting a mac is not a free-of-cost job, users need to pay on a monthly or annual basis. The connection between the Mac on cloud and your windows PC is Remote desktop connection (RDP). Choose from the range of 3 cloud-based tasks, namely A dedicated mac, A mac build server, and a virtual mac.

Installing MAC-OS Using VirtualBox

This is considered the simplest way to easily use XCode on Windows, you only need to use a virtual machine. The virtual machine sets a creative scenario in which the operating system can function efficiently and the OS runs as property as it runs on the hardware itself. You will necessarily need a copy of MacOs which you can easily download. Simply install Virtualbox, mount a MacOS copy, and run VirtualBox to use Xcode.

Hackintosh PC

A Hackintosh is a very uncommon PC that allows MacOS to run. Similar to virtual machines, just install the macOS on your PC and run it and it works. Hackintosh is basically an amalgamation of different computer architectures which came out as the desired PC, so building Hackintosh can be a cumbersome task in itself.

Using Swift for Windows

Swift can be run on any software essentially because it is open source.Swift 4.1 is currently able for windows 10 users.Users need to simply and install and run swift easily.

Cross-Platform Tools

Imagine being able to code your desired app once and then conveniently exporting it to android or ios, this is exactly what cross-platform tools offer. But the only disadvantage cross-platform tools carry is that they aren’t easy to use i.e. they can be tricky for the beginners trying to use them, users need to write a platform-specific code even if they are wanting to run some custom codes.


Second Hand MAC

Buying a second-hand affordable MAC can save you all the trouble of trying to build an IOS application on a Windows operating system because Xcode is totally compatible with the MAC operating system.

So a lot of effort and energy can be saved if users simply try and buy a second-hand mac and additionally, it isn’t a compulsion to buy the most recent MAC to run Xbox, a little outdated version works perfectly fine too, just make sure the mac is able to run the latest macOS hassle-free.

Use the SWIFT Sandbox Tool

SWIFT is an extremely useful open source language so it can run on almost any hardware. Although Xcode is absolutely needed to build IOS apps but learning SWIFT language and coding your game on it without the use of Mac or Xbox can also be a valid but long process.

Swift sandbox simply sends the compiled Swift code to the webserver which further goes through it and displays the end result. So swift sandbox is the accurate platform to use swift code in your web browser.

Features of Xcode For Windows

  1. Supports programming languages like C, C++, Objective C and C++, Java, Python, AppleScript and other popular programming languages.
  2. You can write codes using an editor with advanced completion, syntax highlighting and code folding.
  3. If you make a mistake an error message is displayed.
  4. Xcode has an assistant editor that display files that can be helpful for coding.
  5. With a swift package manager, you won’t need to add third-party libraries.
  6. You can put new ideas, create and test your performance.
  7. Xcode displays a mini-map on the left side of the screen that enables you to see specific parts of your coding.
  8. You can easily port your Xcode from your Mac to your iPad.
  9. A total of 12.x series has been released by Apple for Xcode.

Steps to Use Xcode on Your Commuter

As you know by now Apple does not give license of its operating system to other computer companies but its own. The best thing Windows users can do is ‘Rent’ a Mac instead of buying it if you are still not sure you want to develop iOS applications.

  • The first step would use Xcode on your windows would be to sign up for MacStadium.
  • The second step would be to rent a Mac Mini this will allows you to have ios on your Windows PC.
  • Then connect it to your Microsoft Windows PC using Tight VNC. It is a cross-platform free and open-source remote software application that helps you using Xcode.
  • Lastly, download and install Xcode on your computer.

After all, this is successfully done you will see a screen that will look like a Mac book laptop screen on your windows pc. Even after this the users will face lagging because they are using Xcode through the internet now that means it’s an online software as it is being used on Microsoft windows.

Xcode 10 Download For Mac

You can use the above method or;

Xcode 7 Download For Mac

  • You can start by installing a virtual box on your pc.
  • Then purchase and OS X.
  • After that, you have to create a new virtual machine in your installed virtual box
  • Then follow the steps it gives you to install OS X.

The first method is the easiest to use and but if you are not satisfied with it you can always give the second method a try. For more software, check all the suggested softwares by DownloadRoms

Alternative Softwares For Xcode For Windows

Although there are no legal alternatives for Xcode because Apple only allows iOS on Mac you can give the following a try.

Android Studio

This is an integrated development environment software for Android (iOS and other techs). It has Gradle based support with refactoring and quick fixes. Android Studio also has support for building Android Wear apps. It uses and supports programming languages used in IntelliJ.

Microsoft Visual Studio

This application development software is used for developing programs for windows. It supports IntelliSense along with code refactoring. It has built-in coding languages like c, C++, and C/CLI, Java Script HTML and XHTML etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I directly download Xcode?

A. Xcode can be directly downloaded on your iOS product but not on any other Operating Systems.

Should I buy a Mac instead of doing all this?

A. I would suggest that you become completely sure that you want to develop iOS application before investing in buying a Mac book.

Can I develop android apps using Xcode?

A. The answer to that would be no, Xcode is specifically for iOS app development.

Do I have to pay for Xcode?

A4. No, this software application is completely free.

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